We partner with some of the best roasters in the country to bring top notch roasts fresh into our Gainesville store every week. We believe in attention-to-detail, both in our brewing methods and in our roasts, and that's why we chose roasters who are meticulously obsessed with tailoring their roasts to each individual coffee to evoke maximum flavor. We believe coffee should be single-origin, responsibly sourced, expertly roasted, carefully brewed, and boundlessly enjoyed. We are constantly bringing in new offerings from our artisan partners to provide Wyatt's customers with fresh, day-changing coffee experiences.

Cold Brew

Highlighted here in this image to the left, our Cold Brew uses the more rare Japanese method of cold-brewing to create truly exceptional cold coffee that's rich, robust, and exquisitely balanced.

If you come into the shop you'll see the setup- a commercial drip-through coffee brewer going directly into 50' copper coil immersed in a fresh ice bath. This process brews the robust spectrum of flavor from a hot coffee, but then mere seconds later chills it to ice cold, preventing the bitter acids from blooming. The result is a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew that hearkens to its hot-blooded brethren, but with the low-acid chocolate finish characteristic of cold-process brewing.

Then we charge the keg with high pressure nitrogen and serve it through the a stout faucet with a nice frothy top. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria are likely to follow.


Originating in Italy, espresso is the creamy, syrupy base for the lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos that we all know and love. It is produced by forcing very hot water at very high pressure through finely ground coffee that has been tamped down tightly. 

Pour Over

This method utilizes slowly pouring water over a filter/chemex of freshly ground coffee to extract and showcase delicate flavor elements as it blooms nad brews. At Wyatt's we employ Ratio's automatic pour-over machines for a balanced, consistent cup every time.  

French Press

The European classic is back at it again. Perfectly proportioned coffee is combined with water in a specialty carafe that includes a filter. The coffee is given time to steep and brew before a metal strainer yields the result - a full-bodied drink with maximum flavor strength (and maybe a little grit!).


Yama immersion brewers let the grounds breathe and mix freely with the hot water in an open bath for a few minutes before being strained through both metal and ceramic filters. This produces a rich, clean cup of coffee.

Drip Coffee

We use a Fetco drip-through brewer that delivers coffee directly into an airpot. We recommend other methods if you have a minute, but this a great cup of joe for those in a hurry :) 


Proudly Brewing the best Coffee Available

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Jacksonville, FL

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters
Jacksonville, FL

Buddy Brew Tampa, FL

Buddy Brew
Tampa, FL

Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. DeLand, FL

Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co.
DeLand, FL